Me and My Music


Week 5 objective 2

“Rap has to look at the bigger issues confronting society. There’s only so much “bling” the public can take.”

According to Tom Vicker, a Music Consultant. Rap has taken a serious staggering halt and continues to decline. This Article by Sam Rakoczy “Why Rap is Going Down, Down, Down, Down, Down”, has blasted Rap and its lack of creativity and originality. After reading this Sam Rakoczy Article I have formed my own opinion on such a matter. A fun fact to note from this Article is since 2000, rap sales have declined to a what in gods name of 14%.  Im not one of a math wiz, but I will tell you that if your running a business that is really bad. Especially in a business that is well renowned for sales and distribution in which their product, “Music” touches every single person in the world in one way or another. I myself have pondered the possibilities of such a backlash in which sensation is so in depth it touches your rectum. I do understand that people like what they like, but there has to be some kind of line drawn. For instance, its great you got all kinds of money, and cars and jewelry and Dirty woman who render services for money and the possibility of STDs to your liking.  Personally I don’t give shit, because minus all your highly extolled treasures rappers these days sell to impressionable teenagers with identity crisis issues they really don’t have anything intelligent to say at all. In my opinion, their is more to it and Music than a small half-ass narrow minded retard who thinks he/she is a tough one because they think they are gangster. From an Audio students perspective, your beat is so dam saturated with bass and dam snare hits that I can’t even make sense of what your saying,  Then again even without it you really don’t make any sense or positive reference to anything constructive or knowledgeable worth remembering. I stand by this to the fullest, please ,. Am I right or wrong. i invite any of you to share your thoughts on this. by Sam Rakoczy


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