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Positive acts of Rappers and Hip Hop

Now people always want to concentrate on the negative things that hip hop can cause to society but how about focusing on some of the positive aspects of hip hop. Some of these rappers who are labeled as “menaces to society” are actually doing good deeds to give back to their communities and those who are less fortunate because they feel that they should encourage other kids to find a way to get out the hood or projects who are in the same situations that they were in during their youth. For example, rapper T.I. is seen here handing out toys to children at a charity event. However this i not the rappers only act of kindness and sign of being a good person. T.I.’s K.I.N.G. foundation is a charity organization that raises money for various causes and T.I. is not the only rapper who gives back to the community. The long list of rapper who care about helping those less fortunate and making the community better is probably suprising to most americans who don’t care to look at the positive things rappers do. And whats worse is that the media usually only tries to talk about the negative things going on in a rappers life so how are people supposed think otherwise when all the media does is degrade rappers as if they are the “scum” of the Earth? Rappers should not be judged as people by the lyrics they sing in songs or what they do for their job, because the luxurious lifestyles with money, cars, and woman is a part of rap, but they should be judged based on the positive things they can do for America and it’s youth. In fact a college student from Houston, Texas was asked if she felt we should maybe give rappers more credit for the good they do in for in their communities and charity and her response was simply “Sure”. So in conclusion we as Americans should take some time to ask ourselves something: Should we be blaming hip hop and rappers for the bad things that happen in America? Or should we be blaming ourselves, the parents who raised these people and failed to teach them right or wrong?

Is their anything else positive that Rap does.?


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  1. Everything isn’t as it seems. “Good people” aren’t always good and “bad people” aren’t always bad. People (rappers, politicians, actors) give off an image in attempts to attract a certain audience. I guess what I’m trying to say is, we all wear different masks and we choose to don the one most appropriate for each occasion.

    February 17, 2014 at 1:14 am

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